Friday 26 February 2016

Nose redness and dilated thread veins (capillaries). Results after one BBL session.

Area just around the sides of the nose is very prone to developing redness and small veins (capillaries). To address them we usually use Candela V-beam laser designed specifically for treating skin redness and vascular problems.

We are constantly looking for the ways to achieve the best results. Recently we tested Sciton BroadBand (BBL) on nose redness and dilated vessels (marked with black arrows on the photo below). The second picture was taken 2 days after one BBL session.

Results before and after one BBL session. Note reduction in appearance of skin redness and dilated capillaries on the sides of the nose (marked with arrows). Photos (c) Lege Artis Skin Care Inc.
We will continue monitoring the client and post more pictures of subsequent treatments.